Edwina Mackinnon Mixed Media Artist

Worcestershire, England

Edwina Mackinnon

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am very excited to be sharing my latest
paintings with you as I continue on my art journey. I am offering these four paintings for sale so if you would like a piece of original art for your home please go to the Gallery.

This is a new venture. Following nearly thirty years as a textile artist, exhibiting and teaching,
I now have time and energy to explore something new.

I'm fascinated by everything I try. You will see
a wide variety of techniques, experimental colour palettes, mark making and collage to mention but a few of the ideas I am pursuing. Already I am discovering what gives me joy.

I live in Worcestershire, surrounded by beautiful countryside but too far from the sea! My daily dog walks inspire me as I observe the seasonal  changes of colours and textures. I photograph anything and everything when I’m out and about, providing me with a rich archive of material to influence my paintings.


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